Leap Ahead Learning can only be as good as its teachers and assistants. With this in mind, Leap Ahead Learning has a week long training program that all staff are put through before they are allowed to work with the children.

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Mrs. Rita's School for Young Children.



Children learn from birth. The most significant brain development happens in the early years. It is the vision of Leap Ahead Learning to be the very best child care center in Seguin. We strive for having well trained caregivers and low staff turnover. Leap Ahead Learning's high quality care will ensure that children are prepared to be successful when they enter school.


  • Passion for Children

     Serving children is our highest priority. We see ourselves as partners with parents in providing the best care for children.

  • Excellence and Accountability

           We set high standards for ourselves, use research-based best practices, and deliver on all of our promises with integrity.

  • Responsiveness

              We listen carefully to parents and staff members and use their input to influence our actions.

  • Innovation and Collaboration

               We seek new and better approaches to current and emerging needs. We know we are most effective when we work with others towards shared solutions.

  • Leadership

        We are committed to improving child care in Seguin through advocacy and public education. We are willing to take a stand for children in our community.

  • Work/Life Balance

           We believe that creating a work environment that respects the employee's personal needs is vital to our success.

  • Engaged and Talented Staff

          We employ and invest in skilled employees who embrace our mission and deliver excellent services.